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The act or process of producing something.

– Merriam-Webster.com

Working Here

Manufacturers convert raw materials into useable goods. People who choose this career path work hard to solve complex problems and create products that improve processes, products and people. It is often rewarding work that offers job security and advancement opportunities.

In Southeast Colorado, several small and large-scale manufacturing companies employ our local workforce. Not all jobs are manufacturing focused, though. These businesses also hire brand managers, marketers, accountants, human resources, operations, engineers and more. Exciting employment opportunities like these help improve the quality of life for those living and working in Colorado’s eastern plains.

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Career Options

Manufacturing jobs are diverse and range from production workers to engineers. At a minimum, manufacturers in roles like assemblers, machinists and inspectors require a high school diploma or GED. Engineers and managers typically require an advanced degree.

The Southeast Manufacturing Partnership is collaborating with these colleges to offer programs unique to the area.

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